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Computer repair remote support

Below is the instructions for running our remote program so that we can fix your computer over the internet.

remote PC services

Click on the picture above to download and run the remote program. Next, it will open an installation choice on your computer.

Open the installer and select Run instead of Install for us to have temporary access. 
Click on Install if you want us to have permanant access to your computer to repair it in the future.

PC remote

Give the username and password to our technician and we will be able to control your computer remotely.

Mobile Repai remote

Local Computer Repair in Fort Worth: Expert Services at Your Doorstep

It seems that no matter how careful we are, there are always individuals out there trying to gain access to our private information. And unfortunately, even the simple act of dropping off our computer at a repair shop can put us at risk. While we trust these shops to fix any technical issues we may be facing, we often forget that they also have access to all of our personal files and data. This makes it a prime target for those with malicious intentions. Some shop employees may take advantage of this opportunity and steal our information for their own gain. They could use our personal details for identity theft or sell it to third parties for profit. And even worse, there have been cases where employees have purposefully deleted important data or files, causing significant loss and damage to you the customer. With us, you can watch and learn how we troubleshoot and repair your computer. Our goal is not only to fix your computer, but also to educate you on how to maintain it and prevent future issues. We understand that computers can be intimidating and complex, which is why we take the time to explain the process to you in a way that is easy to understand. Our ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and excellent service. We want you to feel confident in our abilities and know that we are here to help. We will not only fix your issue, but also empower you with knowledge and resources to prevent similar problems in the future.

In-Home Computer Fix: Convenience at Its Best

Why choose in-home computer fix?

In this fast-paced world, convenience is key. With busy schedules and limited time, the last thing you want is to haul your computer to a repair shop. Our in-home computer fix service eliminates the hassle by bringing our expert technicians directly to your doorstep.
How does in-home computer fix work?
Upon scheduling an appointment, our technicians will visit your home to assess and diagnose the issue. Whether it's a hardware problem, software glitch, or network connectivity issue, our experts have the knowledge and tools to fix it promptly.The benefits of choosing in-home computer fix By opting for in-home repairs, you can save valuable time and avoid the inconvenience of dismantling and transporting your computer. Our technicians provide personalized attention and service, ensuring that your computer receives the necessary repairs in the familiar environment of your home.

Fix PCs: Resolving All Hardware and Software Issues

What are the common PC problems? PCs can encounter various issues, from slow performance and unexpected shutdowns to virus infections and hardware failures. Our expert technicians have the experience and expertise to diagnose and fix a wide range of PC problems.How do we fix PCs? With a deep understanding of both hardware and software, our technicians employ advanced diagnostic tools to identify the root cause of the problem. Whether it's a software glitch that requires troubleshooting or a hardware component that needs replacement, we provide comprehensive and effective solutions.Our commitment to quality repairs At Computer Pro Network, we believe in providing long-lasting solutions. Our technicians use genuine parts and software, ensuring that your PC runs smoothly well into the future. We also offer warranty coverage on our repairs, instilling confidence and trust in our services.

Fix It Services: Beyond Computers

What other devices do we repair? In addition to computers, our repair services extend to laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices. From broken screens to battery replacements, our experts are proficient in handling a wide range of repairs for various devices.Why choose us for your repair needs? With our extensive experience and expertise in repairing electronic devices, you can rely on us to provide top-notch service. Our technicians stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that they are equipped to handle even the most complex repairs.

Fix Fort Worth: Local Experts You Can Trust

Why choose a local computer repair service? Opting for a local computer repair service offers several advantages. Firstly, you support local businesses, contributing to the growth and sustainability of your community. Additionally, local service providers often have a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and needs of their area, allowing for more tailored and efficient solutions.Our commitment to the Fort Worth community At Computer Pro Network, we are proud to be a part of the Fort Worth community. We strive to deliver exceptional service to our fellow residents, guaranteeing prompt response times and reliable solutions. Our reputation in the community speaks for itself, with countless satisfied customers who trust us with their computer repair needs.

Fix Gaming PC: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

The importance of maintaining a gaming PC Gaming PCs require regular maintenance and repairs to ensure optimal performance. From hardware upgrades to software optimization, our experts specialize in providing solutions that enhance your gaming experience.How can we fix gaming PCs? Our technicians have extensive knowledge of gaming PCs, including their unique hardware specifications and software requirements. Whether you're facing lag issues, graphic glitches, or any other gaming-related problem, we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve it efficiently.Why choose us for gaming PC repairs? When it comes to gaming PC repairs, experience and expertise matter. Our technicians are avid gamers themselves, combining their passion for gaming with their technical proficiency. This unique combination enables them to understand and address the specific needs and challenges of gaming PCs, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience for our customers.


For all your computer repair needs in Fort Worth, Computer Pro Network is here to provide reliable, expert, and convenient solutions. From in-home computer fixes to repairing gaming PCs, our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance of your devices. Trust us to deliver the expertise, authority, and trust you deserve for a hassle-free and seamless computer repair experience.

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Computer Pro Network is a tip top professional outfit that has served me very well! Their services have been excellent for the last 5 years. The camera systems are great too.

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I think the services are great and we always use Computer Pro for our repairs.

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The only people we call for computer service is Computer Pro Network.

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