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• Computer repair and setup

• Computer installation/de-installation

• Managed services

• Printer setup/service

• CCTV Systems

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Our Service

Residential Customers
If you're looking for computer repair near you in Fort Worth, Dallas, or Metro Atlanta, look no further. We will come to your location for a set fee so that you will know how much you will spend when we provide our services to you the customer. The most common problem residential customers have are: Slow moving computers, malware, viruses, printer installation, and needing to upgrade an operating system to Windows 10. All of those problems can be resolved for ($20 trip fee plus $70 each computer) $90 total. We never charge by the hour for residential customers because we know that an hourly fee can add up very fast. Since our start in 2001, we have NEVER charged by the hour and that is one of our reasons for being so successful for almost 20 years. The other reason is customer service as we value our customer's satisfaction from our technicians.

No matter how long is takes to repair your problem, this is our flat fee! What's the catch? There is no catch! If we can't resolve your problem or should you feel that you don't want your equipment repaired, the only fee that we collect is our minimum diagnostic price of $40 before we leave each call. We want you the customer completely satisfied and confident that your hard earned money is well spent.

In some cases, you will loose your internet connection or you will have internet problems at the fault of your internet provider. Should you have an issue with AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, or whatever internet provider that you may be using, we can assist and save you the frustration of dealing with technical issues because we talk the same technical language that your internet provider does. We realize that sometimes they try to transform you into a technician by having you try technical things that you are not familiar with. Let's face it, you are not a technician but a user who just want your internet to work properly. People get very angry when things like this happen and some even cancel their internet service only to find a new provider who will only add to their frustrations. We can work with your provider while you relax stress free and will resolve your issue because we are here to satisfy you the customer.

So what are you waiting for? Please call us to schedule an appointment today so that our technician can serve you cheaper than you purchasing a new computer and allow you to be stress free as we resolve your issue. Call Computer Pro Network the mobile experts who come to you for no hourly charges. You will know exactly how much you would have to pay before we get to you with no pressure.  You will also have a free account to view each and every repair we have ever done, with receipts attached. This can be a time saver for tax season.

Corporate and Small Business Customers
Company IT Outsourcing - Confidently outsource your IT support, projects, or upgrades to us. Need an extra set of hands or primary IT resource for everything. We will step in where desired.  We offer great rates on SLA agreements! Your company will have priority ticket assistance with our ticketing support system. Have your own ticketing system? We can integrate with programs such as Kaseya, Service Now, Zen Desk, or your proprietary system. We can assist your company as our Service Technicians are certified, well trained, and experienced throughout the IT industry. 

We also offer Desktop virtualization through our partnership with Citrix Systems.  Desktop virtualization is technology that allow users simulate a workstation load to access a desktop from a connected device remotely or locally. This separates the desktop environment and its applications from the physical client device used to access it.

What are the benefits of desktop virtualization?
1. Resource Management:
Desktop virtualization helps IT departments get the most out of their hardware investments by consolidating most of their computing in a data center. Desktop virtualization then allows organizations to issue lower-cost computers and devices to end users because most of the intensive computing work takes place in the data center. By minimizing how much computing is needed at the endpoint devices for end users, IT departments can save money by buying less costly machines.
2. Remote work:
Desktop virtualization helps IT admins support remote workers by giving IT central control over how desktops are virtually deployed across an organization's devices. Rather than manually setting up a new desktop for each user, desktop virtualization allows IT to simply deploy a ready-to-go virtual desktop to that user's device. Now the user can interact with the operating system and applications on that desktop from any location and the employee experience will be the same as if they were working locally. Once the user is finished using this virtual desktop, they can log off and return that desktop image to the shared pool.
3. Security:
Desktop virtualization software provides IT admins centralized security control over which users can access which data and which applications. If a user's permissions change because they leave the company, desktop virtualization makes it easy for IT to quickly remove that user's access to their persistent virtual desktop and all its data instead of having to manually uninstall everything from that user's devices. And because all company data lives inside the data center rather than on each machine, a lost or stolen device does not post the same data risk. If someone steals a laptop using desktop virtualization, there is no company data on the actual machine and hence less risk of a breach.

Security Cameras
We provide professional commercial and residential CCTV and Security Camera Installation.  Running a successful business entails a lot of hard work, forward-thinking, and savvy decisions. It also requires a reasonable level of security. One of the most effective and reliable ways of boosting the security of your business establishment or home is to have CCTV security cameras installed within and around the premises. That said, your CCTV security camera installation is only as reliable as your service provider.

At Computer Pro Network, we provide an industry-leading CCTV and security camera installation and maintenence service for commercial and residential customers. We offer our customers with cutting-edge four-color, eight-color, and sixteen-color camera systems with four, eight, and sixteen channel high compression DVR systems, respectively. All our products and services come at affordable prices with absolutely zero monitoring fees. We also provide one year's warranty on parts and labor.  Please call for details.


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