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In 2001, we started out as a small computer repair business in Conyers, Georgia (Rockdale County) and serviced the metro Atlanta (ATL) area. Our founder, Reginald Blanchard, has been in the IT private sector since 1991 as a network administrator for several large corporations such as The Chicago Stock Exchange and Unilever HPC.

He later moved to Conyers, Georgia in 2001 and started Computer Pro of Georgia, LLC, a mobile computer repair business. In 2004 the organization had a client base of more than 5,000 customers all through the metro Atlanta area and became famous as a result of our extraordinary customer service and capacity to fix issues rapidly at an affordable rate. Later, in 2018, we extended our business to Fort Worth, Texas to support the metro DFW territory under the business name Computer Pro Network.

With thousands of successful technology projects for public sector clients of all sizes, we produce services that exceed our customer's expectations. We provide a number of services to our clients such as: Virus Removal ● Hardware/Software Repair ● Mobile Repair ● CCTV Camera Installation ● Networking ● Printer Repair ● Remote Desktop Services ● Network Cable Runs ● Equipment Install/de-Install ● Comprehensive Security Analysis ● Intrusion Alarm Systems ● Laptop Repair ● Closed Circuit Television Systems ● Monitored Access Control Systems ● Environmental Monitoring Systems ● RAVEN - Remote Audio Video Event Notification.

At the beginning of the Corona Virus epidemic, we immediately began testing our employees to make certain that our employees were negative for the Covid-19 virus. We also began offering more technical ways to interact with our customers by offering affordable remote services and the ability to schedule appointments through our online portal. Our local computer repair technicians wear masks at each and every visit to ensure the safety of our customers as well as our technicians.

Call us, the experts, so that we can help you with your IT needs at your home or business at a reasonable rate!

Here are some free computer tips that you can use.
You may have the following questions about your computer:
I think I need more
RAM for my computer. Does my computer have enough RAM? How much RAM is needed when I buy a computer?
Upgrading your computer
RAM is a great way to improve the performance of your computer and can fix issues related to programs and applications needing more power to run. Most computers need at least 4 GB of RAM but I would recommend at least 8 GB of RAM so that the performance of your computer will be optimized for demanding application needs. In some cases computer memory upgrade can bring your computer up to date.
Do I need a backup for my files and my computer? Which is better, an
external backup hard drive, USB flash drive, or buying a new internal hard drive for my PC?
According to a recent study by FEMA entitled 'Make Your Business Resilient', "about 40 to 60 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster. A great disaster recovery plan for your home or business is to protect your data before a disaster happens. An online backup, or off site backup, can protect your data from data loss. You can also invest in buying a NAS (network attached storage) computer data storage server, which is connected to your computer network, an is assessable via your mobile device, computer to computer (peer to peer), and can be stored into a fireproof enclosure.
Using a USB flash drive to backup small or large data files is a convenient way to have a portable device to transport your data with you wherever you go. Some USB flash drives are equipped with keychain lanyards so that you will have a better chance of having them wherever you go. Unlike a USB hard drive, a flash drive is a "solid state" device, meaning it has no moving parts.

If your choice is to use an external hard drive, it can be a great choice for storing your files on a USB device that can placed near your computer. Although some external hard drives can be bulky in size, the capacity of an external hard drive can hold up to 18 TB of data. Currently the Seagate Iron Wolf Pro is the largest external drive on the market.

Be prepared for a hard drive failure! A hard drive can run smoothly for three to five years. Also any HDD, whether external or internal, can have the same life span. I am speaking on average but some drives may last as long as 10 years. A Solid State hard drive last a lot longer because there are no moving parts inside of them. The best practice is to replace your hard drive every 3 to 5 years so that you can be sure to protect your data and also backing up your data to multiple platforms, cloud service, external, flash drive, will help protect your data.

When is it time to replace my laptop?
Have you ever had a laptop that needed the charging port replaced? The charging port is where you plug the AC adapter into the laptop so that it can be powered. If you have ever had this repaired, most of the time your laptop will only last about 10 months before the replacement charging port goes bad again. I would have it repaired once but not twice. The life span of the average laptop is 3 to 5 years but it can survive longer as many often do.


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